• Village of Panauti

Welcome to Bishwa Seva Foundation!

We are a San Diego Based 501(C)(3) Chariatable organization. Since 2009, we have been supporting children in Nepal, sending them to school, providing education, school supplies and nutritious lunches. We have grown from supporting 5 children in 2009 to 52 children in 2016 and 50 Children in 2017.

Following the earthquake in 2015, we expanded our services to accommodate the victims by providing emergency aid and rebuilding assistance to rural communities in Nepal. With the intension to support growth of affected communities, we are working to develop plans for a structurally sound and environmentally responsible Teaching Center for educating locals on safe rebuilding practices, job creation ideas, technology development, health and wellness along with many other empowering tools.

Our wonderful volunteers in San Diego organize community fundrasing events. Please feel free to visit us at our events and learn more about the foundation.

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