About Earthquake Relief July 2015


It has been almost three months after the massive earthquakes disrupted millions of lives in Nepal. As new world events continues to slowly fade the memories of the disaster, here is a small reminder for years of rebuilding to follow.

As Bishwa Seva Foundation continues our relief efforts on the ground, our research team has been tirelessly working on our housing project “Smart House Nepal”. We have explored more than 10 different housing options and are in the process of narrowing down our designs. We call upon people and ideas, locally and internationally, to help us in our quest to provide safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable and inexpensive houses designs for millions of people still living in temporary shelters.

This design hopes to address deforestation by providing efficient stoves, contamination from raw sewage by creating compost toilets and/or bio gas plant. This will be a gift to rural Nepal where people, every day, are finding themselves in a hopeless situation after loosing everything not knowing how they can ever rebuild with expensive construction costs and limited resources in hand.

With much gratitude to all our volunteers and sponsors ( and there are many many to address), we acknowledge all the wonderful work you have done and continue to do every day. Thank you.