About Earthquake Relief Report April 28 – May 7, 2015

Here is a full report to all our volunteers and donors. This is what your contributions and effort have been going towards.

A week and a half ago, Nepal was struck with a massive earthquake. It is sad to see all the damages it has left behind and scores of people who are still loosing their lives. This is a fact that we cannot change but together we can help and give hope.

For those of us who have not directly been affected by the earthquake, this is an opportunity that has been given to us to be of service. No effort big or small will go in vain. Please spread awareness and help rebuild Nepal.

Within 10 days of the earthquake, here is what Bishwa Seva Foundation and our supporters have been able to accomplish.

Tuesday April 28th: – Bishwa Seva Foundation authorized the Earthquake relief fund.

Wednesday April 29th: – We transferred the first $1000 to Gorkha Foundation for Tsum Valley Relief. Many generous supporters donated money to the earthquake relief that day. We authorized our sister organization to scout remote villages and create a report.

Thursday April 30th: – Villages Chhap and Nepane were chosen. These villages are located 40 kms from Kathmandu and 5kms from our base in Panauti, in a remote area where no news media or aid had yet arrived.

Later that day 1800 Kgs (3960 lbs) of food was bought and packed for delivery (This was even before our funds from the US reached our team in Nepal).

Bishwa Seva Foundation transferred $2000 for the relief.

Friday May 1st: – Food aid was taken to the villages. Over 150 people came down to assist us to take the food to their village for the final journey uphill. With the help of the village elders, we distributed food to each family systematically and wrote down names of the families.
Some children were so hungry that they started eating right away.
Here is what each of the 190 families received: –
5Kgs of Beaten Rice
2Kgs of Bhujiya/snacks
2Kgs of Noodles

Saturday/Sunday May 2nd/3rd: – Our ground team scouted for another village that needed the most assistance. A village Bhumidanda, Kalati is located approximately 8kms from our base in Panauti. 5kms can be accessed by vehicle and 3kms needs to be accessed on foot.

Monday May 4th: The villagers needed shelter and requested for tarps to make tents. Our team explored places to find tarps. Making contact with three village elders, we selected 75 families that were in need of immediate assistance.

Tuesday May 5th / May 6th: Our team was able to find 45 tents out of 75 needed. They had to wait to receive more tents.

Wednesday May 7th: Everything got finalized and ready for delivery.

Thursday May 8th: 80 tarps were purchased and distributed to families.
After a phone meeting, we authorized the scouting of a new village and their needs for our next relief project.

We will continue our effort on the ground as long as we have our team on the ground and the availability of donations. Every dollar donated can make a huge impact on the life of people who are looking for assistance.

To those dedicated volunteers from Nepal and various countries that are helping on the ground, my grateful thanks and appreciation to you all. To many more who need help, do not give up hope, the whole world is here to support you.


Please help us reach more people by donation to the Bishwa Seva Foundation at www.bishwaseva.org.