About Press Release for Earthquake Relief Fund

April 28, 2015, San Diego, CA.

Deep Deoja, the Nepalese born founder of the Bishwa Seva Foundation (” Foundation”) announced today that efforts to assist in earthquake relief by the Foundation in Nepal are under way. The Bishwa Seva Foundation is a 501(c)3 trust that has been successfully working to provide education and meals to disadvantaged children in Panauti, Nepal outside of Katmandu for several years. The long-term commitment to those children’s primary and secondary education will not change. The scope of activities of the Foundation have now expanded to include earthquake relief.

Deep Deoja personally contributed the first $1,000 to the Bishwa Seva Foundation Earthquake Relief Fund.

The Foundation is coordinating contributions for earthquake relief at http://www.bishwaseva.org. Information for contributions to the children’s education and meals can also be made through the Foundation’s website.

Historically the Foundation has raised funds through providing donation based sound meditations for the greater San Diego community and accepting sponsors for tuition and meal costs for the students. The funding requirements have now increased and we are gratefully accepting any financial generosity for the school and earthquake relief.

Initial earthquake relief efforts will be to work through Deep’s family, other Foundation team members in Nepal and NGO’s attempting to gain helicopter access and deliver supplies to a devastated village in Tsum Valley, Chhekampar Gorkha. Foundation volunteer and American citizen Lotte Lama hails from the village and is coordinating relief communications with the stricken village.

Contact information:

Deep Deoja (760) 583-6482 (USA)

Andy Laub (619) 884-7901 (USA)