बिश्व सेवा Bishwa-meaning the world we live in and Seva-meaning to serve, (Nepali translates to serving the world and its inhabitants).

Volunteers and Musicians

Volunteers and Musicians

Bishwa Seva Foundation is a US based grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Southern California. The purpose of the Bishwa Seva Foundation is to raise funds and provide educational and basic needs for underprivileged children in Nepal. Since 2009, we have sponsored children’s education, stationary, meals and all school supplies. Every year, with generous donations and volunteer support, we continue to grow and serve many more students and locals villagers in Panauti, Nepal.

Our Student Commitment since 2009

Year 2009 to 2012 :- 5 Children

Year 2013 :- 26 Children

Year 2014 :- 50 Children

Year 2015 :- 49 Children / Earthquake Relief

Year 2016 :- 52 Children

Through our ongoing programs – Mission Educate, Kid’s Kitchen and Project Mero Ghar ( My home), children are getting a much needed opportunity and the gift of education.

In 2016, we are pleased to announce the launch of a few new programs. With the setting up of the Food Cooperative and Handicraft Cooperative, we hope to create jobs in the local community and help Bishwa Seva Foundation Nepal (BSF-N) become more self-sufficient. To encourage more volunteers in Panauti, we are working with local groups to create youth clubs and eco- clubs.

Earthquake Relief 2015


After the disastrous earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, through generous donations, we were able to provide meals and tarps to the victims of the earthquake in the immediate aftermath. Building materials were provided for two schools for their rebuild and other roof patching material for over 100 families.



The impact of the disaster is so great that over a year after the earthquake, people do not have the means to rebuild. Our foundation is working with various organizations to create a teaching and demonstration center to help train the locals on safe building techniques, business creation, health and technology and many other empowering programs.

Earthquake Survey January 2016

Please contact us for questions and opportunities to volunteer.